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Shahrukh Khan Drinks coffee in a cup Of 35 thousand Rupee?

Shahrukh Khan Drinks coffee in a cup Of 35 thousand Rupees?

Shah Rukh Khan is known for his opulent way of life, and he has recently gained attention for sipping coffee from a cup valued at Rs 35,000. The renowned Bollywood actor is often in the spotlight due to his collection of lavish belongings. He possesses a range of extravagant items that might not be widely known. These possessions contribute to his high-profile status. In this article, we will delve into the details of an expensive cup owned by the actor, which boasts a surprising combination of price and unique attributes.

ember coffee cup

Shah Rukh Khan, a veteran actor in Bollywood, frequently captures attention for his extravagant possessions. Referred to as King Khan, he possesses a plethora of high-priced items that might not be commonly recognized. Such acquisitions often contribute to the continued prominence of actors. In the present piece, we will introduce you to an excessive cup owned by the actor, the juxtaposition of its price and features is bound to leave you astonished.

Among the various extravagant possessions cherished by Shah Rukh Khan, which are adored by both his close associates and fans, there’s a particular cup that stands out. The value of this cup is equivalent to the earnings of an average individual for an entire month. Shah Rukh Khan is often spotted sipping coffee from this very cup. A video capturing this moment has gained immense traction across social media platforms, rapidly spreading.

Shahrukh Khan Emer Travel Mug 2 Plus Coffee Mug Details

Back in the year 2017, Shah Rukh Khan shared a video that showcased a rather distinctive coffee-drinking experience. The video highlighted a coffee mug that differed significantly from the norm – it wasn’t just worth a few thousand or even ten thousand rupees; it carried a staggering price tag of around 35 thousand rupees. The mug, which caught the attention of viewers, was adorned with advanced features including a built-in heater and LED lighting. This innovative design allowed users to maintain their coffee at a preset temperature for approximately three hours. Additionally, the mug came accompanied by a charging accessory.

The specific coffee mug in question is the Emer Travel Mug 2 Plus Coffee Mug. For those interested, it’s available for purchase online, and if you’re fortunate, you might find it at a discounted price of 34 thousand rupees. It’s worth noting that this instance isn’t the first time Shah Rukh Khan has been spotted with his collection of lavish possessions. The actor is known to possess a range of expensive items that exemplify his luxurious lifestyle.