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10 Best Revenge Kdramas To Out Your Old Bullies!

10 Best Revenge Kdramas To Out Your Old Bullies!

Top 10 Best Revenge Kdramas of All Time

From true stories to gripping originals and webtoon adaptations, strong characters rise up against their adversaries in these revenge Kdramas. Revenge is said to be best served cold, and in a Kdrama, it is very satisfying. Whether through psychological maneuvers and well-planned strategies or skilled fistfights, these dramas deliver on revenge. Here are the top 10:

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Celebrity Influencers

Follow the story of a female lead who rises up as an influencer, managing her account in her own way. When an event threatens to bring several influencers down, she uses her wits and charm to seek justice against those who wronged her and caused harm to others.

Taxi Driver

A special forces officer joins a secret organization called Rainbow Taxi that takes justice into their own hands on behalf of victims failed by the law. Our female lead, a prosecutor, investigates Rainbow Taxi and witnesses their fight for justice.

Reborn Rich

Follow the story of a loyal employee who is framed for a crime he did not commit. In a miraculous turn of events, he awakens with a second chance at life and seeks revenge against those who wronged him.

Queen Maker

Two women form an unlikely partnership to take down a corrupt corporation. As they seek revenge and justice, they bring the guilty forward to face the consequences.

Bridal Mask

Set during the Japanese colonial rule of Korea, a family harbors a secret as one brother becomes an ambitious officer employed by the oppressors. Our male lead must choose between his position and justice for his family, stepping up as the heroic rebel known as Bridal Mask.


A battle for wealth and power unfolds in a luxury penthouse apartment. With conflicts between ambition and rank, our female characters challenge each other in their race for power.


A bright youth’s life is turned upside down by a heartless bully from a wealthy family. After tragedy strikes, he seeks revenge while striving to reach the dream he shared with his father.

My Name

After the unjust death of her father, our female lead seeks revenge and enters the police force undercover. A tangled web of law enforcement and criminal activity sets the stage for action, thriller, and mystery.

The Glory

Based on a true student bullying case in South Korea, this drama follows a female lead who seeks justice and revenge against her tormentors. The story resonates with viewers as they hope for the villains to get what they deserve.


Two young boxers form an unbreakable bond of friendship as they go up against a ruthless crime boss. Together, they seek a way out of their unfortunate circumstances.

An honest way, but he was also later a target and victim of our current crime boss. In the past, this riveting action drama gave viewers some of the best fight choreography depicted on screen. The drama setting also takes place during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic.