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Who killed Jin Sun-kyu’s wife? Mystery Revealed (The Uncanny Counter Ep 10 [ENG])

Who killed Jin Sun-kyu’s wife? The Mystery is revealed | The Uncanny Counter Ep 10 [ENG]

The others come with me. First, go to Huang Bikuang.

Okay, Modua man broke into the TV station and found Huang Bikuang. The unidentified man claimed that he would make the whole story of the Whiteheaded Planning and Construction sales fraud case public.

Huang Bikuang, what is she talking about? He took the initiative to come to the press conference site. We will now connect with the site. Where do we start?

The man claimed that he would disclose the truth about the fraud case of Baitou Project and Construction. I believe everyone is not interested in the death of an unknown person, so what about me who killed Lee Chungjae? Or was it me, the one behind the Baldhead Construction scam? Or was it me who killed Chairman Ma’s wife?

Frankly confessed to killing Representative Lee Chungjae and other crimes. That bastard, right here, Chairman Ma, is the truth about your wife’s death. Anyway, without my help, you would never have succeeded in revenge. Who do you think killed your wife? Mr. Park, who brutally murdered your pregnant wife. Poor Chairman Ma, you are not even close to the end of the truth… no, not even close to the truth.

Why did you suddenly disclose the truth? Because I… have to meet you.

It’s Chairman Ma, is that him? Chairman Ma, I’m pregnant, please spare my life.

No, no, no, no… Congratulations, you have finally come to the end of the truth.