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What is a Mannequin Head | Types of Mannequin Heads

What is a Mannequin Head | Types of Mannequin Heads?

What is a Mannequin Head Types of Mannequin Heads

These heads are used in beauty schools to teach students how to apply cosmetics and trim hair, in salons to display haircuts, and in general,stores to display sunglasses, scarves, jewelry, and tie clips. Mannequin heads come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so if you’re thinking about buying one, make sure you’re familiar with all of your options.

In this post, we’ll go over everything you need to know about mannequin heads and show you which ones to buy.

What exactly is a Mannequin Head?

Mannequin heads are designed to provide a more accurate representation of the human head than lifelike dolls. They usually have expressive faces, intricate features, and wear wigs and cosmetics.

They make the things they promote seem more humanistic. Because of how well they mimic the human form, you might mistake them for real humans. Mannequin heads for both men and women are available.
Every effort is made to resemble human features as closely as possible in every way.
The first cosmetology mannequin was created in France in the mid-nineteenth century. They were used in stores as display heads.

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What is the function of Mannequin Head?

Mannequin heads are used by students and hairstylists at beauty schools and salons to practise and master various hairstyling methods. Proper instruments and hair mannequins are required for natural hair salon training.

Salon owners also used maneqquin heads to demonstrate different haircuts and how the hair would look on actual customers. Retailers frequently use mannequin heads to display jewellery, watches, and other accessories.

They’re called cosmetology mannequins because they’re used in salons and for cosmetics.

What is a Mannequin Head Types of Mannequin Heads (1)

Mannequin Heads of  Different Types

The head of a mannequin can be of various shapes and sizes. When it comes to building these skulls, it’s all about structure, form, function, and material. The following are the various mannequin head styles and types:

1) Mannequin head made of Styrofoam

Male and female Maneqquin heads are available, allowing you to display your wig collection with these heads. Mannequin heads made of lightweight Styrofoam may give your company a more professional appearance. The Styrofoam head of a mannequin head is ideal for fastening a wig on it.” A wide variety of wigs can be displayed in this manner. One of the most significant advantages of a Styrofoam wig is its low cost in comparison to other options.

2) Mannequin head made of canvas blocks

It’s made of PU foam and canvas, just like the mannequin’s head. Scents dissipate quickly due to its open design. A canvas block head eliminates the need for a stand that must be clamped to the ground. With this Mannequin, wigs can be cleaned, styled, and displayed for hours at a time. This mannequin with a stand is ideal for displaying hairpieces.

Because it does not include a wig, this mannequin head can also be used to display other items.

3) Haired mannequin head

A mannequin head with a wig is an effective way to demonstrate it. It is possible that if you do not properly care for your wig, it will lose its appeal over time. As a result, a mannequin head with natural hair is advised. This is the same substance that makes up both of them. Despite the fact that it lacks the same features as actual headpieces, it can still be used to demonstrate hairstyles.

4) Mannequin head made of PE

These mannequin heads with hollow interiors are mostly made of polyethylene (PE). This head can hold accessories such as jewellery, hats, eyeglasses, and masks. This head can be positioned however you like. This plastic head with natural cosmetics was made with high-quality materials to give it a more authentic appearance. A mannequin head can be dismantled for less money than other market solutions.

5) Mannequin head made of PVC or mannequin head with shoulders

This shoulderless head is ideal for displaying wigs. It is constructed of PVC and filled with PU foam. A PVC head can withstand the force of a fall from a great height. It’s the best wig head on the market, but it comes with a Mannequin head that’s missing hair.

6) Mannequin head made of fibreglass

High-quality fibreglass has been used to reinforce these mannequin heads. Fiberglass heads, on the other hand, can be painted to look more realistic. These heads may be used in a salon to display hair accessories such as extensions, wigs, necklaces, and headphones. However, fibreglass heads are more expensive than other types of heads.

7) No expression Head of a Mannequin

A faceless mannequin head is an excellent choice for attracting attention. A mannequin can be made with only abstract face features or none at all. A variety of gloss finishes are available to catch light reflections and give the head a finished appearance. The overall impression of the Mannequin’s head will stand out as a result.

What should you look for in mannequin heads when selecting a salon or cosmetology school?

Mannequin heads with hair are essential when selecting a mannequin head for a salon or cosmetology school. Mannequin heads for salons and cosmetology schools, on the other hand, come in a variety of hair types, including human hair and a variety of other forms.

Using these heads, students can try on a variety of hairstyles that they might see in a real salon.

When purchasing mannequin heads, there are some standards and factors to consider. Consider the following points as a quick reference

1) Hair Color and Hair Type

A wig is an expensive mannequin head. However, the type of hair used determines the majority of the mannequin head’s cost. Mannequin heads with human hair are, of course, a fraction of the cost.

2) Hair Size

When it comes to determining the price, the total length of the mannequin head’s hair comes in second only to hair quality. There are two methods for determining the length. The most common route is from top to bottom. The second method is to exert pressure from the brow to the limbs. Determine the desired length of the mannequin head.

3) Hair density and layering on the head

The price and length include the density and layering of the hair. The proximity of each graft to the scalp determines the thickness of a hair transplant. Mannequins with less dense hair, on the other hand, are less expensive.

4) Mannequin head build quality

Mannequin heads are made of various materials such as fibreglass, PVC, and polyethylene terephthalate (PET). It is entirely up to you to determine how much quality you require in a mannequin head.

5) Shoulders or no shoulders

It is possible to obtain a mannequin head that lacks shoulders. As a result, most cosmetology schools teach heads with shoulders. There are mannequin heads with and without shoulders available, and you can choose which one you prefer.

Based on the information provided above, you may choose your own mannequin head. We’ve included all of Amazon’s mannequin heads here for your convenience.