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10 Richest Kdrama Actors (Top Earnings of Actors in Korean Dramas)

10 Richest Kdrama Actors (Top Earnings of Actors in Korean Dramas)

There is a common notion that Korean movie actors are the wealthiest. However, some of Korea’s highest-paid actors come from Korean dramas. Because Korean drama stars and Korean movie actors are closely related, our ranking of the wealthiest Kdrama actors of all time will alter how people view the Korean drama industry. The popularity of Korean dramas is growing right now, and some of the best Korean dramas have already received backing from streaming services like Netflix. Korean drama lovers today can’t get enough of them, and it’s not unusual to finish an entire series in one weekend.

Major Korean networks like SBS have enjoyed excellent ratings thanks to a number of popular Korean dramas. The leading guys in several of these Korean dramas have gone on to become some of the most well-known performers in the industry. Based on their going rate each episode and the amount of Kdramas they have appeared in, the estimated earned income from these actors is calculated. The top 10 highest-paid Kdrama actors as of right now are listed below. Check out the article we wrote about the wealthiest Kdrama actresses as well.

The estimated net worth of [Kim Soo Hyun] in 2023

1. Kim Soo-Hyun

As of right now, Kim Soo Hyun is the most well-known Kdrama actor. He is regarded as the richest Kdrama actor and charges the highest fee per episode. With more than 13.9 million followers on Instagram, he has a sizable fan base. Kim Soo Hyun is well-known throughout Korea. 2011 saw the start of his rise to fame in the Korean school drama Dream High. Moon Embracing the Sun by Kim Soo Hyun came after that, and the rest is history. He may be well-known to fans outside of Korea thanks to the Korean dramas My Love from the Star and the most recent smash hit It’s Okay to Not Be Okay on Netflix. The Korean drama One Ordinary Day included him as well.

Fee per episode: $164,000

Estimated total earnings from Kdramas: $25 million

How much does Ji-sub earn per episode?

2. So Ji-sub 

Ji-sub is therefore one of the busiest K-Drama performers out there. His roles in Korean dramas date back many years. He has starred in several critically acclaimed Kdramas, including Master’s Sun, Something Happened in Bali, and I’m Sorry I Love You. Ji-sub began his career modeling jeans but quickly rose to the position of master of Korean melodrama. He gained notoriety in 2020 when he wed a 26-year-old ex-reporter and gave $59,000 to disadvantaged children as a wedding gift. The “Icon of Consideration” has been given to him because of his gentlemanly nature. You have to love So Ji-sub, right? The Korean drama Doctor Lawyer from 2022 features his most recent work.

Fee per episode: $67,000

Estimated total earnings from Kdramas: $24 million

Breaking down Hyun Bin’s earnings from dramas and endorsements

3. Hyun Bin

Since his breakthrough performance in the television series My Lovely Sam Soon in 2005, Hyun Bin has been acting in Korean dramas. Considered the Bridget Jones of Korea, My Lovely Sam Soon. He did, however, achieve widespread fame thanks to Crash Landing on You, one of the greatest Kdramas ever to air on Netflix. The revelation that Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin were a relationship in real life is what made the drama so unique. His reputation for playing romantic parts dates back to 2003’s Bodyguard. One of the top-rated Korean dramas, My Lovely Sam Soon, helped him achieve success. But it was his part in the immensely popular Korean drama Secret Garden that propelled him to fame.

Fee per episode: $84,000

Estimated total earnings from Kdramas: $14 million

4. Lee Min-ho 

In 2003, Lee Min-ho began acting in Korean dramas. Most Kdrama fans knew Lee Min-ho from Boys Over Flowers in 2009, which may surprise some people. Since he finished his military service and returned to the industry in early 2019, he has gained experience and is now a seasoned actor who is in high demand. With over 30.8 million followers, he easily has the highest Instagram followers of any actor from a Korean drama. This is unexpected because Lee Min-ho is regarded as being very private and appears on a relatively small number of Korean discussion shows or programmes. However, Lee Min-ho recently produced a movie for the King Sejong Institute Foundation that showcases the elegance of Hangeul. Pachinko, his most recent Korean drama, is available on Apple TV+.

Fee per episode: $62,000

Estimated total earnings from Kdramas: $13 million

5. Ji Chang-wook 

Ji Chang-Wook handles all of it. He has acted in historical dramas, fantasy romantic comedies, and crime thrillers. 2019 saw the conclusion of the Korean military duty of yet another actor. His favourite Korean dramas include Healer, Empress Ki, and Suspicious Partner. He is regarded as having the most attractive smile in the industry. Ji Chang-wook, a multi-talented actor in Korean dramas, has recorded a number of pop singles for the original soundtracks of his films. He also uses social media extensively. On Instagram, he has over 685 posts and over 19 million followers. Check out his If You Say Your Wish, a 2022 Korean drama.

Fee per episode: $50,000

Estimated total earnings from Kdramas: $12.5 million

6. Jo In-Sung

It is absurd to assume Jo In-Sung is older than 40. He has been in numerous Korean movies and dramas. As a model for the apparel company Ziozia, Jo In-Sung made his debut in the entertainment industry in 1998. He debuted in the Korean adolescent drama School 3 before moving on to play a supporting role in Piano, which helped him get attention. His role as Oh Soo in the Korean drama That Winter, the Wind Blows is still often mentioned by Korean drama lovers today. Many, however, speculate that he may be finished with television series because he hasn’t worked on a Korean drama since 2016.

Fee per episode: $67,000

Estimated total earnings from Kdramas: $12 million

7. Yoo Ah-in 

Yoo Ah-in is one of the most sought-after actors in contemporary Korean dramas. His fans like him for his charisma in addition to his alluring smile. He have the ability to portray both the pretty boy and the boy next door types. He is famous for his ability to perform a variety of roles in Korean dramas and movies. He first rose to popularity in the Korean drama Sungkyungkwan Scandal, but more recently, his work in the critically acclaimed movie Burning in 2018 has brought him international recognition. However, thanks to Hellbound’s success on Netflix and his part in the film, his star power has increased. On Instagram, where he has more than 2.2 million followers, follow him.

Fee per episode: $50,000

Estimated total earnings from Kdramas: $12 million

8. Lee Jong-suk

Unbeknownst to many Kdramas fans, Lee Jong-suk made his modelling debut in 2005. He also received training from SM Entertainment to become a Kpop Idol. Romance is a Bonus Book, Pinocchio, and the fantasy drama W: Two Worlds Apart are a few of his favourite Korean dramas. He just recently completed his time in the military. Check out his most recent work, Big Mouse, which was published in 2022. Follow Lee Jong-suk on Instagram, where he has over 25.6 million followers, to stay up to date with him.

Fee per episode: $50,000

Estimated total earnings from Kdramas: $10 million

9. Lee Seung-gi 

Fans of Lee Seung-gi adore his charming demeanour and innocent appearance. In Korean dramas, he first appeared in supporting roles before moving into the lead. His most notable Korean dramas include The King 2 Hearts, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, and Brilliant Legacy. Korean dramas are about ten years old even though they are made with them. He did co-star with Bae Suzy in the action-packed Korean drama Vagabond in 2019. He only recently revealed that he would make his seventh full-length album, his first in five years, as a singer. In 2022, keep an eye out for Love According to the Law.

Fee per episode: $59,000

Estimated total earnings from Kdramas: $7 million

10. Song Joong-ki 

Due to the popularity of Descendants of the Sun, Song Joong-ki is well-known all over the world. He is yet another star of Korean dramas who rose to fame as a result of Sungkyunkwan Scandal. He did, however, begin to amass a sizable fan base while appearing on the Korean variety show Running Man. This explains why he excels in humorous roles, as evidenced by his work in Penny Pinchers. The success of Space Sweepers on Netflix will determine where he ranks on this list. The plot of Space Sweepers centres on a ship crew who, in 2092, collects and sells space garbage to make a living.

Fee per episode: $50,000

Estimated total earnings from Kdramas: $5 million