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The Kerala Story Movie Review 2023, Caste, Hero, Salary

The Kerala Story Movie Review 2023, caste, hero, salary

The Kerala Story' Movie Review

After long controversies finally the film “The Kerala Story” directed by Sudipto Sen was released in cinema halls. However, before the release of the film, petitions were also filed in the court to ban it. But the court rejected all the petitions and refused to ban the release of the film. Many people have seen the film till now, and they have liked this film a lot, but those who have not seen the film yet must want to know the review of the film. That’s why on this post we are giving you information about “The Kerela Story Film Review in hindi 2023”.

Story of the film ‘The Kerala Story’ (‘The Kerala Story ‘ Movie Storyline)

The story of this film begins with the arrest of Shalini Unnikrishnan. Shalini is arrested by the Afghan security forces, labeling her as a terrorist. Though Shalini keeps on saying that she is a victim, but in spite of this no one believes her and then the story of Shalini begins in the flashback.

As per the flashback story, Shalini takes admission in a nursing school in Kasargod, located in the city of Kochi. It is here that Shalini meets girls named Asifa, Geetanjali and Neema. Now gradually her work is started by a girl named Asifa and with the help of technology and professional training, Asifa starts brainwashing all three of her special best friends and gradually starts putting this thing in their mind. They say that Islam is the only religion that is good for them and there is no religion better than Islam in this world and that is why everyone should accept Islam and become a Muslim.

In this way, how these girls living in Kerala fall into the trap made by Asifa, how these girls are sent to foreign countries after getting pregnant and how the families of these girls face various problems including the girls, all these The story of the film The Kerala Story revolves around these things.

Main Aim of making the film ‘The Kerala Story 

Through this film, the film’s director Sudipto Sen has worked to present the reality of Kerala, which is known as the state of most educated people in our country of India. The restlessness of the people watching this film increases even more when it is shown in the film how innocent women of all religions and religions are converted to Islam, sometimes by being trapped in the trap of love and sometimes by threatening them. They are made Muslims. This scene of the film is very successful in reaching the hearts of the people. It was not easy to launch a film like The Kerala Story on the big screen, as the film was made on a sensitive issue. However, overcoming all the problems, the film finally got released. The dialogues of this film have been written very beautifully. Key Dialogues of the movie “Syria, Kerala boys are found in everyone’s bomb blasts in Sri Lanka, even then you need proof. The one who is afraid himself, how can he protect you”.

Acting and Music in the film ‘The Kerala Story 

Within the film ‘The Kerala Story’, Adah Sharma plays the character of Shalini Unnikrishnan, who is known as Fatima Baa after converting to Islam. After watching the film, the character played by Ada Sharma in the film and her acting are being highly praised by the audience. Please tell that Adah Sharma has also used South Accent properly in the film. Along with this, characters named Yogita and Sonia have also played important roles in the film. All the other actors who are working inside the film have also been honest with their character. Background music and music have also been used properly in the picture.

Why watch film ‘The Kerala Story’ (Why Watch Film ‘ The Kerala Story ‘ )

In our country, people get excited in a different way to see the things which are opposed the most. Similarly, a petition was also filed in the Supreme Court to ban the film Kerala Story, but the Supreme Court rejected the petition. That’s why it is coming in the mind of many people that whether this film is really made without facts or whether the film is really telling the truth of Kerala. In this way, if you really want to know the truth of whether it is possible to get religious conversion done on the pretext of love or threats in a literate state like Kerala, then you must watch the movie Kerala Story. It has also been claimed by the makers of the film that they researched the actual conversion case to make the film and based the film on facts.

Film ‘The Kerala Story’ Controversy and Facts

It is being claimed by the producers of the film that more than 32,000 girls belonging to different religions have gone missing from Kerala, many of whom had joined the terrorist group ISIS and are living there. He has also died. The identity of the girls from Kerala whose story is depicted in this film has not been disclosed. However, his statement must have been recorded, and based on that the film was made.

The Kerala Story Cast & Crew Details:

Adah Sharma
Yogita Bihani
Sonia Balani
Siddhi Idnani
Vijay Krishna
Pranay Pachauri
Pranav Mishra

Director: Sudipto Sen
Producer: Vipul Amrutal Shah
Music Director: Viresh Sreevalsa
Sound Designer: Ganesh Gangadharan
Cinematographer: Prasantanu Mohapatra
Editor: Sanjay Sharma
Action Choreographer: Raj Shinde