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Synopsis Puspa Indah Taman Hati (2023)

Synopsis Puspa Indah Taman Hati (2023)

This film depicts the twists and turns of Galih and Ratna’s love story in high school. Indeed, the story itself will dwell on the story again.

Monty Tiwa, the director, still uses the same title and will bring us nostalgia with the visuals of the 70s.

Gita Cinta from SMA remake will be played by handsome actors and talented cute artists. Who else if not?

Yesaya Abraham and Prilly Latuconsina will both play Galih and Ratna.

Are you curious about how the chemistry between them is?

Previously, let’s look at the synopsis of Puspa Indah Taman Hati (2023)!

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Synopsis Puspa Indah Taman Hati (2023)

Indonesian films indeed present many continuations of previous films.

One of these films is Gita Cinta from SMA with the same remake title and the theme Puspa Indah Taman Hati.

The Beginning of the Story of Galih and Ratna

Galih & Ratna “Gita Cinta dari SMA”


Ratna is a girl who moved from Indramayu.

Her pretty face, sweet smile and kind heart make her quickly close to her new friends.

At her new school, Ratna is distracted by a handsome and exemplary man who makes her feel full of joy, Galih.

The man is an exemplary student who has the ability to sing, but is quiet.

One day, Ratna heard a guitar in the music room.

Galih played his guitar and sang very well, so Ratna was carried away and followed the strains of the song Galih was singing.

This is where their story begins, looking at each other and talking to each other.

Their love story is slow, but the two give each other good feedback .

But unfortunately their story did not last long, because Ratna’s father did not approve of them.

A Love Story That Ends?

Galih Meets Ratna’s Father “Gita Cinta from High School”


Ratna’s father disagrees with their relationship, because he thinks that Galih is not compatible with his daughter.

He asked Galih to break up with Ratna, even going so far as to keep Ratna from going to school and forbidding her from going to class with Galih.

To make matters worse, the whole school becomes a spy for Ratna’s father, so that Galih will not approach him.

Because of this there was disappointment between Galih and Ratna.

Galih feels why his family is not worth it, why is his father just a street musician and cassette seller?

Ratna also felt disappointed why Galih seemed to be leaving her.

But when Galih felt that all he had to do was show Ratna’s father that he had a bright future.

It’s all too late, because Ratna will be matched with another man and move to Jogja.

So how will it go? Don’t stop and keep scrolling down.

Meet Someone Who Looks Just Like Him

Starting from migrating to Jogja with the aim of pursuing a career as a singer and studying in college.

Galih majored in music and meets a woman who looks like his ex-girlfriend, Ratna.

Her name is Marlina, a student majoring in fine arts and a friend of Galih.

His look that is similar to his ex makes Galih have feelings for him.

So the seeds of love began to grow in Galih’s heart, and his relationship with Marlina got closer.

As their relationship grew closer, during a performance event in Jogja, a past photo of Galih and Ratna appeared in a magazine.

This makes Marlina jealous, it’s a different story with Ratna.

Ratna is in the process of divorce because it turns out that her husband remarried.

Because of the previous photo in the magazine, Galih apologizes to Marlina and gives her a letter from Ratna.

The letter stated that Ratna would no longer wait for Galih.

But Marlina relented and replied to the letter.

This is the end of the story of Marlina and Galih, breaking up on good terms.

That is the synopsis of Puspa Indah Taman Hati. Curious about the storyline, visuals and acting of the cast?

Will Ratna and Galih make love again?

Let’s watch this film in theaters in August 2023.