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Sin City 3 Got 4 million viewers in 5 days

Sin City 3 Got 4 million viewers in 5 days

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Expected to exceed 10 million people, shortened by two days compared to the previous work

The action movie ‘Criminal City 3’ (poster) starring Ma Dong-seok surpassed 4 million cumulative audiences on the 4th, the 5th day of release.

Distributor Avio Entertainment revealed that the cumulative number of viewers for ‘Criminal City 3’ exceeded 4 million around 12:00 noon on the 4th. The movie, which was released on the 31st of last month, surpassed 3 million cumulative audiences the day before, Saturday, the first weekend after its release, and exceeded 4 million in one day.

It was on the 7th day of release that the previous film ‘Crime City 2’ exceeded 4 million cumulative audiences. Compared to the previous work, ‘Criminal City 3’ shortened the time it took to break through 4 million by two days.

Accordingly, the attention of theaters is focused on whether ‘Criminal City 3’ will exceed 10 million viewers following the previous work and whether it will surpass the record of the previous work. ‘Criminal City 2′, which was released in May of last year, gathered 12,693,000 viewers and recorded as the only ’10 million Korean movie’ during the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19) pandemic. The cumulative number of viewers for the first film in the series, ‘Crime City’ (2017), was 6.879 million.

‘Crime City 3’ is the story of a superpowered detective ‘Ma Seok-do’ (Ma Dong-seok), who moved from the Geumcheon Police Station’s homicide squad to the Seoul Metropolitan Investigation Unit to clear a large-scale drug crime involving Japanese yakuza.