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Should Watch These 15 Highest Rated Kdramas of 2023

Should Watch These 15 Highest Rated Kdramas of 2023

Welcome back, idlers! Today, we have the best of the best of 2023 – the most top-rated dramas that fans just can’t get enough of. Stick around and see which dramas made our list!

15. The Real Has Come

This drama delivers more than just a romance melodrama. It also happens to deliver a baby on the way for our female lead, who is a bit of an internet celeb along with being a language instructor. However, she discovers her boyfriend has been cheating on her, thus flipping her world upside down.

Our male lead is a skilled gynecologist and obstetrician who has zero interest in marriage and often dodges his family’s pressure to get married. He decides to enter into a contract relationship with our female lead to escape such arrangements, but their situation might escalate into a love entanglement as ex-partners appear. Our cast lineup includes Bae Jin-hee, On Jae-hyun, and Taja Young.

14. Queen Maker

Two fiercely independent and strong women from vastly different backgrounds will connect. At first, they have a bad first encounter. However, fate lines things up for them together to fight against injustice. One is a labor rights lawyer known as “the Rhino” for her fierce stance and support for human rights. The other is a skilled businesswoman who has worked for a powerful family. She’ll utilize her skills and knowledge to help the lawyer gain traction as they seek to take down this terrible group for their crimes. However, many obstacles await them, but girl power is one of the strong traits of this political drama that intrigues viewers and gained high ratings.

13. The Secret Romantic Guest House

Romance and history intertwine in this Joseon period set drama where our female lead runs a guest house to support her family and receives many guests, especially during the civil service exam. The drama is adapted from the novel “Flower Scholars Love Story” and stars an attractive cast.

12. Black Knight

A thrilling webtoon adaptation, Black Knight, was loved by drama fans for its exciting story and delivery of a strong cast of characters played by talented actors.

With a dystopian and post-apocalyptic-like setting in the year 2071 when toxic pollution has left only one percent of the population alive, a legendary delivery man known as “5-8” crosses paths with a refugee named Sawal. Despite the grim and harsh circumstances of their world, they form an alliance. Action, adventure, and sci-fi are infused in this drama.

11. Heartbeat

Also known as “My Heart Beats,” Ok Te-ki-on and Juan Jian star in this romantic supernatural drama about a vampire whose goal was to become human.

However, he ended up as half-human as he was one day early of completing his 100 years of sleep. Our female lead is human but has a cold disposition. The story will also touch on reincarnation, first love, and cohabitation that will certainly charm viewers and drama fans with this romcom where fate lends a hand to bring our leads together.

10. Revenant

Another supernatural drama awaits us in Revenant, also known as “The Devil.” Our female lead is possessed by a demon while she works part-time during the day and studies at night. All while mysterious deaths begin to take place around her, she finds herself slowly changing.

Our male lead teaches Korean folklore and is able to see these demons. Having witnessed the death of his mother by a demon, he’ll soon cross paths with our female lead. We also have a lieutenant of a violent crimes investigation team who will get involved in the mysterious cases. Thrills and mystery abound in Revenant.

9. Celebrity

The dark side of some influencers is exposed here in Celebrity, where the fake personas and cruel natures of two-faced influencers are exposed. Our female lead was from a wealthy family; however, they suffered some hardship, and she now struggles modestly to get by.

When she becomes an influencer herself, she is swept up into an exciting but also vicious circle of catty women who backstab and hurt one another in a race to gain followers and make their social presence known. Our female lead might have to question her own convictions and values as things take a deadly turn.

8. King: The Land

A romance brews between a diligent customer service worker who has been working hard to gain

Top Rated Kdramas of 2023

Serving justice resonates with viewers and with the new member joining in, they’ll do their best to provide results where the law failed those who were victimized. The first season was riveting and each exciting episode was so thrilling that it ensured the series would get a second season. Viewers were craving for action and justice served up just the way they like it.

Number 2: Good Bad Mother

A single mom who is also a pig farmer raised her son through strict parenting which later caused conflict in their family relationship. Our male lead grows up to become a cold and collected prosecutor and establishes some distance from his mother.

But a terrible accident has him back in his hometown where a new page of life awaits both of them. His first love also reappears in his life. Good Bad Mother is a family drama with some lighthearted moments and some mystery as well that might have played a part in the return to his village hometown. Ramiran Edohian and Ananjin play some of our leading characters.

Number 1: Dr. Romantic Season 3

Drama fans are taken back to that Doldem hospital setting where we’ll continue to follow romantic Dr. Kim. The medical K-drama rose to popularity back in 2016 and went on to have a successful second season. Now fans could simply not wait for season three. While delivering various situations of patients and medical staff within the series through a slice of life storytelling, we also got some charming romance between our cast of characters.

In season 3, we’ll follow our cast as a ship from North Korea is under critical issues, and doctors from Doldum fly out to do their best and assist the injured despite the complications of tensions between South Korea and North Korea.

Dr. Cha: This widely popular drama touched viewers’ hearts with its strong female lead who got a second chance at life and pursued the medical career that she had to give up when she was young. A slice-of-life story that positively promotes one to follow their dreams.