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Review of Heartbeat Episode 13 Drama

Review of Heartbeat Episode 13 Drama

This episode of the Korean drama Heartbeat shows Do-sik and Hae-won attempting to come between the budding romance between Woo-hyeol and In-hae.

In the previous episode, Woo-hyeol and In-hae had started growing closer and developing feelings for each other. However, their happiness is short-lived.

After Woo-hyeol interacts with Mr. Ko, he becomes anxious again about the fate of their relationship. Woo-hyeol and In-hae learn that only one of them can survive – either In-hae will be drained of life so Woo-hyeol can become human, or Woo-hyeol will be destroyed and In-hae will live.

Aware of the stakes, Do-sik and Hae-won try various strategies to separate the couple before either option comes to pass. The episode explores the lengths they will go to in order to split up Woo-hyeol and In-hae against the pair’s deepening bond.

Here is a paraphrased summary of the additional details you provided about episode 13:

Man-hwi carries out his job for Do-sik to spy on Woo-hyeol and report back information. After eavesdropping on Woo-hyeol and Mr. Ko’s conversation, Man-hwi updates Do-sik.

Armed with this intel, Do-sik confronts Woo-hyeol at the temple. During their fight, In-hae’s bite marks suddenly appear on Woo-hyeol’s body. Sensing In-hae is in danger, Woo-hyeol races to help her.

Seeing In-hae injured with blood rushing to her head, Woo-hyeol loses control and tries to bite her. Do-sik manages to stop him just in time.

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After witnessing Woo-hyeol nearly attack In-hae due to her blood, Do-sik now faces a difficult decision. Does he allow Woo-hyeol to remain close to In-hae despite the risk he poses? The episode builds tension around Do-sik’s choice and Woo-hyeol’s struggle to contain his vampire urges when In-hae is hurt.

Synopsis Heartbeat Episode 13

After seeing Woo-hyeol nearly bite In-hae, Do-sik decides to intervene and stop Woo-hyeol from getting close to her. Do-sik becomes fed up with Woo-hyeol’s presence and tells him to leave their lives.

Do-sik also warns In-hae to stay away from Woo-hyeol, but she refuses. This angers Do-sik, who insists In-hae should be reasonable. He argues that as a vampire, Woo-hyeol could seriously hurt In-hae if they stay together.

But In-hae remains defiant despite Do-sik’s demands and warnings. Do-sik is frustrated that In-hae won’t listen to him. The conflict escalates over Do-sik trying to protect In-hae by separating her and Woo-hyeol, while In-hae continues rebelling to be with Woo-hyeol regardless of the danger.

Follow Heart

In contrast to Do-sik’s perspective, In-hae has fallen deeply in love with Woo-hyeol and wants to follow her heart.

In the previous episode, In-hae insisted to Do-sik that Woo-hyeol is not dangerous. She feels that she understands Woo-hyeol well enough to know he won’t actually harm her.

This bond with and trust in Woo-hyeol is why In-hae remains determined to stay by his side and not abandon him, despite Do-sik’s continued warnings and demands.

In-hae is prioritizing her feelings and intuition regarding Woo-hyeol over Do-sik’s concerns for her safety. This conflict of perspectives further fuels the tensions between In-hae and Do-sik over her relationship with Woo-hyeol.

Attract Investment To Disturb

Like Do-sik, Hae-won strongly disapproves of the romance brewing between Woo-heal and In-hae.

In the previous episode, Hae-won had threatened In-hae to stay away from Woo-hyeol, but she refused.

It seems Hae-won’s plan to attract investors to the Shaded Oasis resort is actually intended to interfere with and upset In-hae and Woo-hyeol’s relationship.

By pushing the resort development, Hae-won is looking for additional ways to come between In-hae and Woo-hyeol beyond just warnings and threats. His schemes add further tension as he tries to break them apart.

Woo Hyeol’s Preparation To Leave In Hae

Woo-hyeol decides to leave In-hae, as he couldn’t forgive himself if he lost control of his vampire urges and hurt her.

Before leaving, he first locates In-hae’s father to ensure she won’t be alone.

Meanwhile, Do-sik assigns Man-hwi the mission of capturing Woo-hyeol alive. Man-hwi succeeds, bringing Woo-hyeol to the basement of his house where he imprisons prey.

So Woo-hyeol ends up locked up by Man-hwi per Do-sik’s orders. His attempt to protect In-hae by leaving has been derailed by being made Man-hwi’s captive. This adds further complication and jeopardy as the factions clash over Woo-hyeol and In-hae’s forbidden romance.