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Qala Movie Review (Download Qala Movie in Hindi)

Qala Movie Review (Download Qala Movie in Hindi)

Qala Movie Review Conclusion

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Netflix is ​​really getting Indian. A bit scared, a bit scared. Netflix, which used to show the worst movies a week before its release, now keeps its best movies close to its chest till the day of release. Being afraid in the field of art is a sign of good days. This fear remains within every artist regarding his new artwork. What is called ‘Butterflies in Stomach’ in English and also called Narbhasana in Hindi, Netflix seems to be in the same condition. But, His selection of stories is getting better here.

‘Kala’ immediately followed by ‘Monica o my darling’. One more such movie which can be really enjoyed watching as well as listening in the cinema hall only. Nevertheless, if you watch this movie on your Smart TV with a good music system, then the passing year will become a bit more cinematic. Art film is a strong knock of Hindi films coming back to ‘Cinema’ and it is also a knock of the fact that if the big producers of Hindi films give a free hand to Amit Trivedi, then he can still pull the audience to the theaters only on the basis of his songs. Can bring up to

Story of Bapu’s visit to Solan

The English reviews of the film ‘Kala’ must have come a little earlier because they didn’t get the film with the embargo of 12:00 till 1:30 on the day of its release. In Hindi cinema, the arts of Hindi are still stuck in Krishna Paksha. Then ‘art’ is also of that era when everything would have been happening in English only. Newspapers are also seen in the film in English only. Bapu would have been mentioned in Solan. The woman who took Indira’s photo belongs to the photographer.
The half-built Howrah Bridge is visible. That is, the story does not go back much further than the country getting independence. But it is similar to the pain of partition. The partition of the earth had not happened then. Cinema was still shining in Lahore and Calcutta. A mother is expecting twins. The doctor puts the daughter in her hand because the daughter has taken more of the nutrition in the womb, So the son could not survive. I don’t know whether the mother tried to strangle the daughter with a pillow or it was only me who had such a delusion, but this pillow remains adjacent to the nose of the daughter throughout the film.

Son na pa

saqi maa ki khosh kuputro jayate, mata kumata na bhavati, in a country that believes in ‘Kala’, the story of a mother who loves a singer picked up from a gurudwara more than her real daughter. And, so much love that he is ready to pose in front of Chandan Lal Sanyal, a famous singer of that time, to get him a chance in films.
According to her expectation, she could not learn singing from her mother, she learns this art of getting a chance. get a chance. He gets fame and when he reaches the heights of fame, he remembers the singer whose chance he had cheated once. After this, the film ‘Kala’ starts from where Kala falls in his eyes. Moving back and forth in time periods, this film does not let go of itself once you start watching it.

The Arts Behind Cinema Music The

film ‘Art’ is the moon that is completed by passing through many arts. The name of the lyricist seen in this is Majrooh. He says, ‘The era will change, this is the old habit of the era.’ A musician is pampering a budding singer in the name of giving her a chance. The first lesson given to the singer by her mother in her childhood was that one should sound Pandit before the name, not Bai after.
According to the learned trend of the age, that daughter also reaches there when snatching the autograph book from the hand of the one who considers himself a starmaker, the public runs towards the new rising star. ‘Kala’ is also a story of acrobatics in cinema. And, ‘art’ is also the best hallmark of every art that is necessary in the making of cinema.

Anvita Dutt champion again!

This film is another great example of Anvita Dutt’s writing and directing art after ‘Bulbul’. At number two is the art of Amit Trivedi. The Art of Music Direction. After ‘Bandish Bandits’ on OTT, if any series or film has brought alive Hindustani music, then it is the film ‘Kala’. A must watch film for those who kill their curiosity of watching a good film by showing songs like ‘Jeda Nasha’ and ‘Aap Jaisa Koi Meri Zindagi Mein Aaye’. I bet you only have this song on your music system on Sunday mornings.
Neighbors would come to ask, brother, where is this song, from a film or an album? Especially ‘Hans Akela…!’ Only a lyricist-turned-filmmaker artist can use Kabir’s Nirgun so well in a film. Written by Amitabh Bhattacharya and sung by Shirisha Bhavgatula, ‘Kahe Saiya Ghode Pe Yun Sawar Hain…’ is the second best film song of the year after ‘Saath Hum Rahein’

Amazing Art of Art Department

Some thirty-three types of arts are used in making a film, that is, about three days more than the moon’s disappearance and then it increases to become a full moon. And, by showing so many arts, its production designer Meenal Aggarwal has created the atmosphere of this film. This atmosphere in itself is a character of the film ‘Kala’.
 Veera Kapoor, who makes costumes, comes as the fourteenth moon in this, while sound designer Pritam Das’s use of the knock of Howrah Bridge being built in a very important scene of the film wins hearts. On the other side a bridge is being built, on the other side a monster is pointing towards the pit in which an artist can be forced to get only one chance.

Amit, Sameer and Babil shine in a female oriented film!

In terms of acting, Tripti Dimri from the film ‘Bulbul’ is not nineteen but eighteen this time. The expressions of insecurity remain the same on their faces. Whether it is the fear of mother’s disapproval or the musician looking for another chance to enjoy. Swastika Mukherjee also kept lightening her art in just one gesture throughout the film.

In Himachal Pradesh, why would the one who used to wear a nose ring and a bracelet as heavy as a bracelet come to Calcutta and leave it? Varun Grover is good in the role of the lyricist who gives him comfort. Amit Sial and Samir Kochhar have also impressed with their acting chops in a film where both the main characters are played by women. By the way, Anvita Dutt forgot to tell why Varun Grover applied nail polish in only one scene. Set in the era where beedis could be smoked inside the studios, this film is the top film for adults this weekend. And yes, Babil is also there in the film. He looks a little bit like his father Irrfan Khan but his acting in ‘Hans Akela..’ is a test of his art, it is understood that the acting is real.


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