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K-pop artists nominated for 2023 MTV Video Music Awards

K-pop artists nominated for 2023 MTV Video Music Awards

The nominations for the MTV Video Music Awards 2023 have been unveiled, and K-pop artists have garnered significant recognition. Among the standout nominees are BLACKPINK and FIFTY FIFTY. These K-pop acts have caught the attention of both fans and industry insiders, earning them well-deserved spots on the list of nominees for the MTV VMAs. The nominations reflect the global influence and impact of K-pop music on the international music scene. It’s a testament to the genre’s growing popularity and the remarkable talent of these artists.


This year’s MTV Video Music Awards nominations have recognized a plethora of K-pop artists, including prominent names like BLACKPINK, SEVENTEEN, TOMORROW X TOGETHER, and numerous others. The nominations feature a selection of K-pop hits that were released between 2022 and 2023, showcasing the genre’s consistent production of impactful music. The nominations have ignited a wave of excitement among fans who are eagerly anticipating the chance to see their beloved idols receive recognition at the prestigious event. As the anticipation builds, fans are finding it difficult to contain their enthusiasm, eagerly awaiting the announcements of the winners.

BLACKPINK  MTV Video Music Awards K-pop artists nominated for 2023 

BLACKPINK, the sensational K-pop group, has secured an impressive tally of four nominations owing to their impactful comeback in 2022. Renowned for their powerhouse performances, the group has attained multiple records with their tracks and continues to captivate global audiences through their ongoing BORN PINK world tour. These accomplished artists from YG Entertainment have earned nominations in several notable categories. Their single “Pink Venom” has garnered nominations for Best Art Direction, Best Editing, Best Choreography, and Best K-pop. BLACKPINK’s dominance in the nominations makes them the most nominated group of this year’s MTV Video Music Awards, solidifying their status as a force to be reckoned with.

TXT  nominated for 2023 MTV Video Music Awards  

The K-pop boy group Tomorrow X Together (TXT) has secured nominations in two categories for the upcoming 2023 MTV Video Music Awards.

The complete list of nominees for the event was recently unveiled on MTV’s official website and social media platforms.

TXT has emerged as a contender for both the PUSH Performance of the Year and the Best K-Pop awards. These nominations are a result of their title track “Sugar Rush Ride,” which comes from their fifth mini-album “The Name Chapter: Temptation,” released in January.

The PUSH Performance of the Year award is designed to honor the artist who has made a remarkable impact through MTV’s PUSH campaign. This campaign selects one artist per month for extensive interviews, performances, and digital content. TXT was featured as the MTV PUSH campaign’s artist of the month in April.

TXT will be competing with 12 other musicians for the PUSH Performance of the Year award. This includes artists such as JVKE, known for his high Billboard Hot 100 and UK Official Singles Chart rankings; Sam Ryder, who held the largest TikTok following in the UK from 2020 to 2022; and Ice Spice, whose collaboration with Nicki Minaj on “Barbie World” has achieved global success.

This marks the third consecutive year that TXT has been named a finalist for the Best K-Pop award. Their initial nomination occurred merely four months after their debut in July 2019 with the song “Cat & Dog” from their first EP “The Dream Chapter: STAR.” The second nomination followed the next year for their title track “Run Away” from their inaugural studio album “The Dream Chapter: MAGIC.”

Scheduled for September 12, the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards will take place at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, and will be broadcast live on MTV.