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Marry My Dead Body Summry in English, Cast, Ending

Marry My Dead Body Summary in English, Cast, Ending

The Taiwanese comedy-action film Marry My Dead Body was released in theaters last February. It stars Taiwanese actors Greg Hsu, Austin Lin, and Gingle Wang. The movie premiered at the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival in November 2022 before its wide theatrical release on February 10, 2023.

Marry My Dead Body Movie Summry, Cast, Ending

Marry My Dead Body has garnered attention for its engaging storyline that blends comedy and supernatural elements. It centers around Wu Ming Han (Greg Hsu), Mao Pang Yu (Austin Lin), and Lin Tzu Ching (Gingle Wang). The unique plot and popular cast have made the film a draw for audiences since its premiere.

The exact storyline details are still under wraps. But the supernatural comedy premise has gotten moviegoers excited to see the film and find out how the plot unfolds.

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The comedy film Marry My Dead Body centers around a homophobic police officer named Wu Ming Han who mistakenly takes a red envelope during an investigation. This leads to him becoming spiritually connected to Mao Mao, a man who had just proposed to his male partner before tragically dying in an accident.

Mao Mao’s grandmother decides to perform a traditional Chinese ritual where she marries his spirit to another person, in this case Wu Ming Han, by handing out red envelopes. Wu initially rejects this strongly due to his homophobia. However, he faces ominous consequences if he continues refusing the ritual marriage with Mao Mao’s spirit.

This leads to a comedic journey where the differing perspectives and worlds of the living Wu Ming Han and deceased Mao Mao intersect. Their adventure reveals truths about both humans and spirits while challenging Wu’s prejudices. The film blends this supernatural premise with the fast pace of a police investigation to create an engaging and thought-provoking story.

Marry My Dead Body MovieĀ  Cast

Austin Lin as Mao Bang Yu/Mao Mao

– Greg Hsu as Wu Ming Han

– Gingle Wang as Lin Zin Qing

– Tsai Chen Nan as Lin Xiao Yuan

– Wang Man Chiao as Mao Chen A Lan

– Tuo Chung Hua as Mao Zheng Guo

– Aaron Yan as Chen Jia Hao

– Chris Lee as Girlfriend Chen Jia Hao

– Ma Nian Xian as Zhang Yong Kang

– Lin He Zuan as Yang Bi De

– Chang Tsai Hsing as A Gou