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Do some makeup on tan skin in monsoon

Do some makeup on tan skin in the monsoon

Do some makeup on tan skin in monsoonIf you have tan skin, then you can get a flawless look by following these tips while doing makeup in the monsoon.

Women use makeup to enhance their beauty, but it is not necessary that everyone’s look should come out with makeup. Actually, women have to take care of many things while doing makeup. From skin type to weather, there are many things that affect your makeup look. For example, in monsoon, the skin of most women gets tanned and in such a situation it becomes difficult to apply flawless makeup while hiding the tanning.

It is seen that when makeup is done on tan skin, the skin looks even duller. This happens because women apply makeup on their skin as usual. But this season you need to make some changes. So, in this article today, RVMUA Academy’s Founder, Celebrity Makeup Artist, and Skin Care Expert Riya Vashisht is telling you about the right way to do makeup on tan skin in monsoon-

Prepare the skin first 

When you are doing makeup, it is most important that the skin is first prepared for it. For this, clean the skin and dap it with a towel. After that you apply toner. Since waterproof makeup is done in this season and waterproof makeup products already contain oil, you can avoid moisturizer if you want so that your skin does not feel too oily and sticky

Find the right foundation

It is seen that women whose skin gets tanned, they apply more or less foundation than one shade to hide it. But you really shouldn’t do that. Always apply foundation matching your skin tone.

You should keep in mind that the foundation should match the color of your neck. Also, the foundation should be waterproof. If you don’t have a waterproof foundation, you should apply a setting spray last to make it last longer

Do eye makeup

You should be a little extra careful while applying makeup on tan skin in monsoon. You should use cream eyeshadow instead of powder eyeshadow. At the same time, mascara should also be waterproof. You should also apply waterproof mascara.

Be like this skin makeup

  • Apart from eye makeup, you should also pay equal attention to other face makeup. For example, if you have tan skin, then you should avoid applying a brown blusher. This will make your skin look dark and patchy. For such skin, a light pink shade should be applied to the cheeks during the monsoon. 
  • At the same time, highlighters should also be avoided this season. Actually, in this season the skin already looks very oily. In such a situation, using a highlighter makes the skin appear shinier. 
  • At the same time, while doing lip makeup, shades like dark purple, brown, and maroon should be avoided on tan skin. During lip makeup, you should choose some subtle colors or bright shades like bright pink, and shades like red.

So now whenever you do makeup on tan skin, follow these tips and flaunt your look in monsoon too. If you liked this article, then do share it and stay connected to read other similar articles with your own website Harzindagi.