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How to Make Money With Dream Ludo Earning App

How to Make Money With Dream Ludo Earning App

15 years ago today when not everyone used to use mobile or the internet. So at that time, people used to play Ludo Games in their spare time. Now, this thing has been linked to mobile and the internet. Dream Ludo Earning App using which any user can earn money from Ludo on mobile. Here are the top Ludo Apps in India that are included in the Dream Ludo Earning Apps list.

If you want to play Ludo with any of your friends and are far away from you in some other city. Even then you can play Ludo with him. Dream Ludo Earning App will help you in all this work. Here I have used the word Earning App after the name of this app because you can earn money by playing games with it.

Do you also want to earn money by playing online games? So you must download this Dream Ludo App. With this, you can earn ₹ 50 as Per Sign UP Bonus. For this, you just have to download this app to your friends.

What is Dream Ludo Earning App?

All the people who are reading this post at this time must have played the Ludo game a lot in their childhood, Dream Ludo is an online Ludo playing app. Using this app you can play Ludo with friends sitting far away from you.

Or if you want to play Ludo with an unknown person and you can also earn money by playing Ludo online. In today’s time, there are many such Telegram Groups that play Ludo Tournament Game, if you win in that game then you will get the amount won in that Tournament.

By now you must have understood very well how to earn money from the Ludo game, if you also want, you can easily earn up to ₹ 800- ₹ 1,000 per day.

How to earn money from Dream Ludo 

In India, the name Ludo comes at the top of the most popular Indoor Games, playing this game is as easy as it is fun, very few of you will know about it that money can also be earned from it.

So let’s know again how money can be earned from Dream Ludo, when we researched about it, we found 5-6 such methods using which one can go to earn money from Ludo.

  1. Online Ludo Tournament 
  2. Refer & Earn 
  3. via Telegram Groups 
  4. betting 
  5. By making your own Online Ludo Game 
  6. Organizing Your Own Online Tournament 

Here we have told some ways, using which you can earn money by playing online games. 

All these methods are mentioned, and they do not apply only on Dream Ludo App, you can earn money by all these methods by downloading any Ludo Earning App.

1. Online Ludo Tournament 

Online Ludo Tournament Challenge is conducted in all the Online Ludo Earning App, in which other people along with you also take part in that challenge, to participate in it, some money has to be added for the fees.

When this challenge starts, all the people who have participated are distributed to all four people, now whoever wins it, gets the cash prize kept in that tournament.

Cash is the responsibility of the person who organizes this Ludo Tournament.

2. Refer & Earn 

This seems like the best way to earn money from Ludo because you do not need to do much in this, if you have a good audience like any of your YouTube channels or Telegram Groups then you can promote this Dream Ludo App.

To Refer & Earn from Ludo, you have to start this app, then go to the same settings and go to Refer & Earn and you will get a link, copy it, and put it wherever you want to promote this app.

For example, if you want to refer it to your friends too, then you can also send them on WhatsApp, when they sign up by downloading this app through your link, then you get ₹ 50 per sign up for that.

Similarly, if you get only 10 people to download this app in a day, then you can get ₹ 500 from Dream Ludo App, up to ₹ 2,000 can be withdrawn per day.

3. Via Telegram Groups

Dream Ludo is considered a good option to earn money by playing online games because you do not need to do much for this, if you consider yourself to be a good Ludo player then you can earn money from this game.

There are many such groups on Telegram that conduct Ludo Tournaments, you can participate in these tournaments, for this, you have to join some Telegram Ludo Tournament Groups.

Then as soon as there is a tournament going to happen, then the admin of that group will give you information about it, if you want to join it, then some money has to be deposited to participate in the game.

When you deposit that money, after that when the game will start and how much money will be given to the person who wins the game, it is all written in the message of the same Group Admin.

Shortly before the start of the Ludo Tournament, a Tournament Link + Code is sent to you, using them, you have to join it and enjoy playing Ludo Game.

Similarly, if you win it, then Group Admin will give you Winning Amount, out of which they keep some money with them as commission.

4. By betting

Most of you would be playing Dream Ludo with your friends, if you do it only for entertainment, it does not matter or if you want that why not earn money from it along with entertainment?

So for this, first of all, you have to tell the partner playing Ludo with you that whoever wins this Ludo will get ₹ 50 or ₹ 100, as many rupees as you people bet.

So now you can start playing Ludo when in the end whoever loses you will have to pay money, so in this way you can earn money by playing Ludo.

5. By making your own Online Ludo Game 

There are some people who are earning crores of rupees from the Ludo Game itself, maybe you do not believe us, but this is the truth because those people had made their own Ludo Game.

And today with the help of the same, he is able to earn crores of rupees, if you are also thinking like this, then you will also need a lot of money for this.

Together you should have knowledge about App Development and for this, you will also need a team, if you agree to do all these things, then you can also earn money after making your own Ludo Game and doing its promotions.

6. By Organizing Online Tournament Yourself 

The way there are Telegram Tournament Groups, in the same way, you can also create your own group, in this way you can earn a lot of money, for that you have to feed some people Online Ludo Tournament.

For which you will be responsible for collecting money from the people who play all the games and giving prize money to whoever wins.

If you think that you too can do all these things, then you can create your own Ludo Tournament Telegram Group today.

With this, you will get money in such a way that when any person wins that money, then you can keep some of that money for commission, about this the person participating in the tournament also knows about it.

List of apps to earn money from Ludo:

Dream Ludo is not the only app from which you can earn money by playing Ludo, there are other similar apps that you can download and earn money from them, about some of the apps mentioned below through a Ludo Earning App List. Is.