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How Much Money Needed to Start Arbitrage in Austraila

How Much Money Needed to Start Arbitrage in Australia / Positive EV Betting?

Straight up, I would add this to the pet tracker for the bet. You can track it on your bet tracker bets tab. The key takeaway is that if my betting bankroll was less, I would need to bet less to minimize the risk of significant damage to my bankroll. Betting less would result in making less in the long run.

Let’s say we deploy our $2k bankroll each day on positive EV opportunities with an edge of 7%. Our expected profit would be $2,000 x 7%, giving us an expected return of $140 per day. This is much better.

If we make $500 in our first week, we can update our bankroll to $2,500. This allows us to gradually increase our bets as we make more money. $1,000 – $2,000 is the amount needed to justify spending roughly an hour each day finding and placing these bets.

Another reason I recommend $2,000 is that to successfully arbitrage or find positive EV opportunities, you need to have multiple bookie accounts open with funds across all of them. Having just a few hundred dollars in one bookie won’t cut it.

Bookies often entice new or existing customers with deposit match offers. If you only have $50, you won’t be able to capture the full offer and miss out on free money. Odds Jam has a detailed list of bookies offering these special deposit matches in the United States, so you can make some free money right away.