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Would you like to dine in the flying restaurant

Would you like to dine in the flying restaurant?

flying restaurant

If you also want to taste the delicious food flying in the air along with roaming in the plains, then definitely read this article.

Whenever there is talk of traveling in Himachal Pradesh, the first thing that tourists mention about visiting Manali is Manali. Tourists from not only the country but also from abroad keep arriving in Manali to visit. In a way, Manali is the crown of Himachal. The beautiful valleys of Manali are ready in every season to make any tourist their own.

But if you are asked that along with roaming in Manali, have you tasted the delicious food while flying in the air here. If not then you must read this article. Because now you can enjoy food in Hanging Hotel in Manali. Let’s know about it.

Manali’s First Hanging Restaurant

Perhaps you would not have thought that someday there would be a chance to see a flying restaurant in Manali, but now it has become true. Let us tell you that along with tasting the delicious food at an altitude of about 170 feet, you can also see the plaintiffs. It is being said that this flying restaurant has recently been opened for tourists as well.

What is the charge in a flying restaurant?

Dining in this wonderful and unique restaurant is a different kind of fun. Let us tell you that this flying restaurant rotates 360 and this restaurant can enjoy seven to eight simultaneously. It is being said that this flying restaurant will cost around Rs 800 for 2 people. At the same time, it will cost around Rs 3999 for one person.

We all know that every day thousands of tourists reach Manali to visit. It is believed that with the opening of the flying restaurant, the tourist in Manali will get a boost. Let us tell you that you can go here for lunch and dinner. 

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