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Chinese Drama I Am Nobody Review & Summary

Chinese Drama I Am Nobody Review & Summary

i am nobody chineese drama review

I Am Nobody Episode 1 Review

Here is a paraphrased version of the story you provided:

It was a dark night when a drunken man stumbled into the village cemetery. As he meandered between the graves, a shocking sight sobered him quickly – several of the plots had been dug up with corpses strewn around haphazardly. Horrified, the man fled home, swearing off alcohol for good.

The next morning, he reported the disturbing scene to the village elder. After investigating, the elder discovered that only one body was actually missing – that of a man named Zhang Xilin.

The elder notified Xilin’s son, Zhang Chulan, an engineering student who had left the village to pursue his studies. Chulan rushed home immediately upon hearing the news. As he conferred with the elder about his father’s missing corpse, a young woman suddenly arrived on a tractor. She introduced herself as Zhang Baobao, claiming to be Chulan’s long lost sister.

Chulan vehemently denied having a sister, but Baobao produced photographs as evidence of their relation. Not wanting to get involved in family affairs, the elder excused himself, leaving the alleged siblings to sort out the truth. Baobao persisted in her claims of kinship, but Chulan refused to acknowledge her as his sister.

The bizarre events left the village reeling. Between the robbed graves, the missing body, and the mysterious appearance of Chulan’s supposed sister, no one knew what to make of the situation. Rumors swirled about restless spirits and villager’s dark secrets brought to light. But Chulan remained tight-lipped, giving no explanations for the empty plot that once held his father’s body or the girl who arrived insisting she was family. The elder kept a wary eye on the cemetery, wondering if the thief would return. And Baobao clung to her story, continuing to seek acceptance from a brother who shunned her. The tension mounted as villagers waited anxiously for answers.

Seeking answers, Chulan went to his grandfather’s grave with an offering of braised pork hock. There he spotted Baobao, digging nearby. Suddenly, she was attacked by zombies rising from the earth! Baobao fought them off fiercely, defeating the sand-like creatures. She then dragged Chulan into the open grave and began burying him alive, intent on forcing a confession.

More undead emerged, distracting Baobao. When she turned back, Chulan had vanished from the plot. Facing her angry boss, Baobao had no choice but to enroll as a student at Chulan’s university to keep an eye on him.

On campus, Baobao confronted Chulan, demanding to know how he escaped the grave and the zombies. But Chulan ignored her completely, keeping secret a special power promised to his grandfather never to be revealed.

Meanwhile, a handsome monk named Wang Ye was shopping in his robes when a phantom train appeared, sucking him inside. Surrounded by dead bodies, he came face to face with an ominous figure. Just as quickly, Wang Ye was ejected, realizing it was an illusion.

After this zany first episode, it was clear patience would be needed to continue the show. The over-the-top acting and laughable zombies would not appeal to everyone. But the appearance of actor Neo Hou as Wang Ye tempted me to give the drama another chance and see where the wild storyline went next. The mysteries of Chulan’s abilities and Baobao’s vendetta were enough to string me along, for now.

I Am Nobody Episode 2 Review

This drama requires sheer perseverance to continue watching. The quality is shaky at best, feeling like a college student project.

The plot thickens as Chulan gets seduced by Liu Yan Yan, an online blind date who is actually master of the silly sand zombies, working for the sinister Quanxing Sect. They target Chulan, wanting to access his memories and learn whatever power his grandfather Zhang Xilin passed on before death.

Luckily, Chulan is rescued by Baobao and her boss, bringing him to their secret headquarters NDT – a courier company disguising the Outsiders base.

There are amusing moments, like Baobao inputting an insanely complex passcode to open the door to their high-tech control room reminiscent of Men in Black HQ.

The Outsider master Xu Xiang defends the over-the-top security measures, saying their duty to protect humanity from other outsiders like the Quanxing Sect warrants ultra-complicated password protection.

The stakes heighten as Chulan’s own allies endeavor to unlock his grandfather’s secrets from within his mind. Chulan is surrounded by friends and foes wanting to exploit the mysterious power resting inside him. But the true nature of his abilities remains guarded, even as both sides vie to sway him in the brewing conflict between good and evil Outsiders that could determine humanity’s fate.

Baobao hovers protectively over her reluctant brother, determined to shield him from further harm. But with the Quanxing Sect’s beautiful Yan Yan already embedding herself in Chulan’s life, danger lurks closer than ever. The next move in this cosmic battle of superpower factions remains uncertain. But Chulan holds the key in his yet-untapped memories, if only he is willing to embrace his destiny in time.

I Am Nobody Episode 3 Review

Chulan had the privilege of being introduced to the world of NTD by Master Xu, who revealed their mission to apprehend individuals engaged in deviant behaviors, particularly perverts. However, Master Xu disclosed that their true objective extended far beyond this, as they sought to uncover the origins of the enigmatic Outsiders.

Intrigued by this revelation, Chulan expressed a desire to understand the concept of “qi,” which Master Xu claimed was the key to identifying these Outsiders. To illustrate this, Master Xu unveiled a remarkable array of equipment and apparatus, rivaling the renowned Hadron Collider. It was through this technology that Chulan learned that qi was, in fact, synonymous with Dark Matter.

According to Master Xu, our universe consists of two distinct realms: the observable universe, which comprises a mere 15% of the cosmos, and the dark universe, composed predominantly of dark matter, an omnipresent universal energy.

In the midst of this revelation, Master Xu reminded Chulan of his grandfather, Zhang Xilin, who had met an untimely demise a decade ago under mysterious circumstances. Intrigued, Chulan inquired if Master Xu possessed any knowledge regarding his grandfather’s death.

Master Xu disclosed that numerous Outsiders, including the enigmatic Mout Longyo, had taken a keen interest in Zhang Xilin’s possessions, driven by a desire to unravel the secrets of the Qi Apotheosis.

Meanwhile, Lingyu’s master issued a directive to him, tasking him with locating an individual and assessing their worthiness to inherit the esteemed Tianshidu. To Lingyu’s astonishment, this individual turned out to be none other than Chulan, whose possession of the Golden Brilliance, a trait exclusive to Mount Longyu’s disciples, took him by surprise.

As the intricate web of secrets and destinies continued to unfold, Chulan found himself at the center of a grand cosmic narrative, where the pursuit of knowledge, the enigma of the Outsiders, and the legacy of his grandfather intertwined in a tapestry of epic proportions.

I Am Nobody Episode 3 Review

Lingyu’s test for Chulan proved to be exceptionally demanding, pushing Chulan to his limits. However, Chulan surprised Lingyu by unleashing his hidden qi, leaving him astounded by Chulan’s untapped power. Despite this display, Chulan found himself in need of Baobao’s assistance.

Baobao took Chulan to a secluded and desolate building, recognizing the need to transfer some of her own energy to fully activate Chulan’s hidden potential. They engaged in a mind meld, a deep connection that allowed for the transfer of energy. Unfortunately, this awakening also stirred Chulan’s libido, leading Baobao to invite girls to the house to attend to his needs, resulting in a humorous situation.

Overwhelmed by the sudden attention, Chulan eventually asked the girls to leave, feeling that it was too much for him to handle. Baobao’s actions went too far, causing Chulan to walk out, asserting that he was willing to sacrifice his life but not his dignity. Baobao realized her mistake and understood the need to reassess her approach.

Meanwhile, Wang Ye expressed his desire to participate in the Celestial Contest at Mount Longyo to his grandfather. However, his grandfather warned him against it, as it would potentially reveal a long-kept secret of the Gate of Gale.

Undeterred, Wang Ye sought out the hermit masters of the Wudang Sect in their dwelling cave. During his visit, one of the masters experienced a seizure, unexpectedly transporting Wang Ye and himself to another realm. There, they encountered one of the original eight Outsiders, the Big Ape, who materialized before them. The Big Ape passed on his formidable abilities to Wang Ye, designating him as the successor to the Big Ape within the Wudang Sect.

While the initial episodes may have had a more slapstick tone, it is advised to bear with them, as the story progressively becomes more captivating, intriguing, and less reliant on comedic elements.