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Anupama (Rupali Ganguly’s) best sari looks in serial

Rupali Ganguly’s best sari looks in serial Anupama

If you like Rupali Ganguly’s saree looks in the TV serial Anupama, then let’s take fashion inspiration from her looks.   

These days TV serial Anupama is being praised everywhere. On the one hand, the lead actors of this serial are coming under the grip of corona one after the other and on the other hand ,the serial TRP is going up the stairs. Serial’s lead actress Rupali Ganguly is also in home quarantine these days and somehow the cast production is taking the show forward. As much as Anupama’s character has been praised in this show, her looks have also been praised. 

When the actress’s looks are so good and Rupali Ganguly herself is so stylish, why not take inspiration from her saree looks? Today we talk about her five such looks that can be perfect for almost every occasion. So let’s see her stylish looks. 

1. Bright Yellow Sunshine Look-

1658555776-yellow-saree (1)

Fashion Tip- If you are thinking of wearing this type of yellow saree, then choose the fabric which is not too shiny. This color has its own shine and if you have to go to any function of the day with light makeup, then shiny cloth can spoil the look. 

This look of Rupali Ganguly is really special. Along with her mix fabric saree, her smile is adding to this look even more. The matching blouse and choker style pearl jewelery looks great with the border of the saree. With a look like this, you have to pay attention to the fabric of the saree, what kind of fabric you are choosing for the occasion. If you have taken a more bright color then it may spoil your overall look. 

2. Perfect Banarasi Pink Silk-

1658555776-pink-saree (1)

Fashion Tip- If you are wearing a saree of fabric like silk or crepe, then jewelry in contrast will look great. 

Although Rupali Ganguly of Anupama fame has inspired many types of looks, but I like her look very much. By the way, along with the smile on her face, her sari is also blooming a lot and at the same time the jewelery is also looking good. Look, the specialty of such looks is that there is a lot of shine in light colored sarees and at the same time heavymakeup and contrast jewelry on this type of saree makes you ready for any wedding function.  

3. Classic Green Cotton Look- 

1658555776-rupali-ganguly-saree-look (1)

Fashion Tip- You can do many experiments in blouse design with this type of saree. You can try many variations from deep back to sleeveless, full sleeves, fringe, cape sleeves etc.  

This look of Rupali Ganguly is really something unique. Firstly, her smile is looking very good and secondly in this type of plain border saree , you can do many experiments about your look. Rupali kept her look light and completed it with a necklace with long beads. If you want, you can wear heavy jewelry, oxidized jewelry etc. on this type of saree. It will totally depend on your blouse design, how you look and what kind of hairstyle you have.  

4. Maroon Saree Festive Look 

1658555775-best-saree-look-of-rupali-ganguly-cover (1)

Fashion Tip- If you are going to wear this type of heavy work saree, then try to wear white base jewelery like Rupali instead of golden jewellery.  

The kind of look Rupali Ganguly took during the Diwali episode in Anupama serial. Gold colored print in maroon base and heavy border is taking this saree into perfect festive mode. This saree is perfect for the entire sixteen makeup look and you can try all kinds of hairstyles with this saree including gajra and judas. Yes, gold jewelery will not look very good with it as it will make you more blingy by making the saree look dull. But if seen, pearl jewelery looks very good on this type of saree look. 

5. Best Light Cotton Saree for Summer 

1658555776-till-blue-colour-saree (2)

Fashion Tip- Do not wear heavy accessories with this type of saree. These sarees are classic and it is good to wear them with simplicity.  

This look of Rupali Ganguly definitely sets the perfect summer mood. In this blue colored saree, matching blouse with border and loose top with this cotton saree enhances her simplicity. However, with this look, you can also have open hair, if you feel that you have short hair or if you do not have any hairstyle, then a light and breezy look will also be best. Don’t forget to complete this look with a smile.