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All Time favourite Female Dancers of Kpop

All-Time favorite Female Dancers of Kpop

The fact that K-pop is so engrossing and enjoyable is a key factor in its popularity on a worldwide scale. You are unable to look away from it. While the songs and videos are important elements, the dance choreography is what really sets Kpop apart from other genres of music. The top female K-pop dancers have raised the bar for K-pop dancing. By merging their styles and originality, they have also motivated the subsequent generation of female dancers to push the boundaries of K-pop dance.

One of every Kpop group’s fundamental characteristics is their ability to dance. Even if one member can’t sing well, they can easily compensate for it.

However, the entire choreography will suffer if one dancer is bad and out of step. As a result, in K-pop, dancing abilities take precedence over singing abilities. Additionally, it explains why K-pop entertainment companies seek out experts in Korean street dance. Additionally, if a member can’t dance, fans will judge them harsher than if they can’t sing.

Consequently, this list of the top female dancers in K-pop is presented. Check out the post we wrote about the top male dancers in K-pop. You’re not into dance? We also have a ranking of the top female rappers in K-pop.


The greatest female K-pop dancer of all time is Lisa. She competed in and won numerous Junior dancing competitions while a member of the Thai dance group We Zaa Cool. She soon began to get recognition for her dance skills after joining BLACKPINK. Lisa’s ability to see a dance routine once before performing it herself is what makes her so outstanding. It is similar to a musician being able to perform a piece of music live after hearing it just once.

Because she has amazing body control, she can do any dance style. She is one of the taller K-pop performers, so that is stunning. This explains why rappers tend to be some of the tallest female K-pop performers.


The performance queen is Hyuna. Hyuna desired to work as an actor in Korea when she was just seven years old, however, many people might not be aware of this. Before opting to pursue dancing in high school, she had, however, failed a number of auditions. She aced her JYP audition on her first try, and the rest is history. She has subsequently enjoyed a long career in K-pop and has accumulated so much knowledge that it is unthinkable to leave her off of our list. Hyuna can convey her personality and stage presence through her dancing.

Momo – Twice

Momo may currently be the best female Kpop dancer overall, according to some. She is referred to as “Dancing Machine” for Twice. She is renowned for working on her art for hours on end. She also picks up new choreographies from different K-pop groups in her free time. Lia Kim, a well-known Kpop choreographer, claimed that Momo’s aptitude for picking up choreography rapidly made her seem like a dancer who had been sent from the gods. She has a lengthy physique, yet it’s difficult for her to dance to hip-hop.
Momo can perform nearly any dance, but what sets her apart is the way she infuses each one with her unique personality.


Hyolyn is arguably the best female dancer in K-pop, according to many. Hyolyn is undoubtedly the sexiest dancer in K-pop, that much is certain. She can rock dancing moves in any dress and has a really hot sense of style. Watch her perform while wearing chunky clothing or high heels. It doesn’t matter because no one can equal her body mastery. She is so good, why? She has collaborated with numerous YouTube dance choreographers to keep getting better, and she has been greatly influenced by music from the West, not simply K-pop.

It is amazing to see how far she has gone considering how ill she was as a child despite her passion of singing and dancing.


The dancer to study if you want to increase your fluidity is Chungha. All of the female dancers in Kpop respect Chungha’s talent. She began dancing in the eighth grade, and by the time she was in high school, she was an auditee for JYP Entertainment. She received a position as a trainee at JYP fast. But it was the Korean reality series Produce 101 that she first gained popularity because of how talented a dancer she was. She excels at seamlessly switching between movements.

Being stylish is one thing, but it can be challenging to incorporate a laid-back aesthetic into a fluid dancing routine.

Seungyeon – CLC

The most underappreciated dancer on this list is Seungyeon, who is the lead dancer for CLC. She is regarded by many as one of the top dancers of the third generation, but she also deserves a spot on the all-time top 10. She is a gifted dancer who can mesh with practically any idea. She also effortlessly combines charming and sensual looks, which is difficult. You can become the next Kpop Idol by following her as she often posts dancing videos on Cube Entertainment’s YouTube account.

Minzy – 2NE1

Minzy must be included on any list of the top female dancers in Kpop. After viewing a video of Minzy competing in a dancing competition, YG noticed her. He immediately got in touch with Minzy and invited her to work for his entertainment business. Only in fifth grade, she was! When she eventually joined YG Entertainment in the sixth grade, she had previously won a number of dance competitions while enrolled in a renowned dance school.

Be sure to observe Minzy’s facial expressions as she dances. She clearly takes pleasure in what she is doing. This has a significant role in attracting the viewers.

Chaeyeon – IZ*ONE

When she appeared on K-pop Star Season 3, Chaeyeon first gained widespread recognition for her dancing. She advanced to the following round primarily because to the acclaim she received for her dancing from JYP, YG, and Yoo Hee Yeol. Chaeyeon was ultimately accepted as a trainee by JYP. Then Produce 48 and IZ*ONE were created.

Her journey demonstrates where perseverance and hard effort may lead. Chaeyeon has succeeded in integrating her Hip Hop dancing with Kpop. Chaeyeon has one of the most powerful energies available.

Hyoyeon – SNSD

For those who wish to concentrate on technique, Hyoyeon is one of the best. She picked up dancing by enrolling in a tiny neighbourhood dance class that taught jazz, Latin, and hip-hop, among other styles. Later, she enrolled in the Winners Dance School, a renowned South Korean dance institution that taught hip-hop dance forms like popping and locking.

At the age of 11, Hyoyeon auditioned for SM Entertainment. Thanks to her energetic dancing, she was successful and was hired as a trainee.
Before making her stage debut, she trained for an additional six years. Hyoyeon is quite accurate, hitting every target.

Seulgi – Red Velvet

Seulgi dances with a great deal of passion. Seulgi’s ability to blend both the charming type of dance and the more serious/sexy style of dance makes her one of the top female dancers in Kpop. She is the most adaptable dancer on this list because she specialises in a variety of styles. Many claim that if she wanted to, she could pursue a career as a dancer. Her fluidity makes up for the fact that she is not as flexible as the other people on this list.