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2023 (Cartoon Animation Video With AI For 100% Free)

2023 (Cartoon Animation Video With AI For 100% Free)

Designing Animated Characters and Beautiful Backgrounds for Animated Videos

2023 (Cartoon Animation Video With AI For 100% Free)

In this video, I will show you how to design animated characters and beautiful backgrounds for animated type videos using free AI tools. Additionally, I will share a method to create consistent designs every time. In the end, I will also share some tools to animate these characters and backgrounds to create animated videos.

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Designing an Animated Background

First, let’s design an animated background and a cartoon-type character using a tool called Leonardo AI. Go to Leonardo AI and click on the AI image generation button. Divide your prompt into three parts: main text, style, and customization. For the background design, let’s type: “A small village surrounded by beautiful green fields, tall and swaying trees.” Choose the 3D animation style model and keep the settings as they are. Hit the generate button and you will have a beautiful village background image. Make it landscape by changing the aspect ratio to 16:9. Hit the generate button again and you will have the final background image of the village in landscape mode. Upscale the image if desired.

Designing a Character

Now, let’s design a character. Change the fine-tune model and aspect ratio according to your preference. Hit the generate button and you will have the final image of the character. You can try with a more detailed prompt as well.

Designing a Complete Image

You can also design a complete image with a background and character in it. Combine the previous prompts into a single prompt and hit the generate button. Wait for the final result and you will have an outstanding image. Change the aspect ratio if desired.

Creating Consistent Images

To create consistent images from a reference image, turn off certain options and upload your reference image. Edit the prompt according to your story and hit the generate button. You can add negative prompts if the desired results are not obtained. This way, you can create consistent images for your story.

Character Animation

For character animation, you can use a tool called Hey Gen. Sign up for an account and choose premade characters or upload your own. Add a voiceover and submit to see the final preview.

Animated Drawing Tool

There is also an animated drawing tool that is free to use. It can be a bit complicated, but it allows you to change images into different poses. You can also remove the background and adjust the frame to create animations.

Animating Backgrounds

Another tool, Leopix, can be used to animate backgrounds. Upload the image and apply filters to customize the animation. Save the animation as an MP4 file.

Generating Videos from Text and Images

Genmo and Pica Labs are two AI tools that can generate videos from text and images. Upload your image, describe it, and adjust the parameters. Generate the video and save the final result.

Powerful Video Generation Tool

Kyber is a powerful video generation tool that offers a seven-day free trial. Upload your image or video, select a style, adjust the settings, and generate the preview. Create the video and enjoy the final result.