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14 BL Drama Actors Who Are Dating In REAL LIFE Their ON-SCREEN Lovers!

14 BL Drama Actors Who Are Dating In REAL LIFE Their ON-SCREEN Lovers!

BL Actors Who Are Dating in Real Life

Many BL actors have captured our hearts with their amazing chemistry on screen, but did you know that some of these couples are actually dating in real life? Let’s take a look at some of these couples:

Ann and New

Ann and New, who appeared together in the drama “Top Secret” in 2021, have been in a relationship since 2012. They met through Instagram when New commented on one of Ann’s posts asking about the location of a shop. This marked the beginning of their journey together, and they have been sharing their lives on their YouTube channel.

Max and Howe

Max and Howe, from the drama “Plus and Minus,” are also dating in real life. Their electric chemistry on screen was loved by many, and after the show aired, they announced their relationship on Instagram. While some fans believe their relationship is just fan service, others are convinced that they are truly together.

Porsche and Arm

Porsche and Arm have been together for over a decade. They first met in 2007 and went public with their relationship in 2008. They got married shortly after and have been living as a married couple for nearly 10 years. They also appeared as each other’s love interests in the drama “Ilong Nigh.”

Yoon and Tan

Yoon and Tan, from the drama “Unforgotten Night,” have kind of confirmed their relationship. While some fans have doubts, Yoon mentioned having a lover in an interview and confirmed that Tan is his boyfriend. However, some fans believe it could be a joke or a mistranslation.

Off and Gun

Off and Gun have been colleagues and friends for a long time, and fans suspect that they might be more than just friends. They have been seen sharing kisses and spending a lot of time together outside of work. While some fans believe their connection is genuine, others think it might be fan service.

Zia and New

Zia and New, from the BL series “Cutie Pie,” have been spotted together at various events, sparking dating rumors. Local Thai news channels have also mentioned the possibility of them dating. However, the true nature of their relationship remains a mystery.

Fan Service Z

Fan Service Z is an actor known for getting close to his co-stars for promotional purposes. However, this time it seems different. There is undeniable chemistry between him and his current co-star, leading fans to speculate about their relationship. While they have hinted at being a couple, confirmation is still needed.

Paul Cervantes and John Kennedy Nakar

Paul Cervantes previously dated his co-star John Kennedy Nakar. The two appeared together in several BL series, including “Lockin” and “Turbulence”. Fans adored their on-screen partnership. Unfortunately, Ken passed away in July of this year after losing his battle with leukemia.

Paul and Ken shared a YouTube channel where they documented their lives, even during the tough times. In a heartbreaking video, Paul revealed that August 13th would have been their fourth anniversary as a couple. He also discussed the challenges they faced while Paul was ill and explained that their fame was not everlasting, so they had to find other ways to support themselves. They opened a restaurant, but Ken’s condition worsened, causing difficulties in their relationship.

Paul and Ken had a strong bond even before they started working together in dramas. They first met at a bar, surprising many. They have always been open about their experiences as a gay couple, which delighted their fans. The news that they would lead a BL drama was met with great excitement. Their efforts in the industry will be remembered, and we send Paul our heartfelt wishes during these challenging times.