Apr 282014


Apr 282014
Wearing Cotton ........

Wearing Cotton Garments is status symbol – How it is made by Women

Apr 202014
Citizen Cop & Lost Cell Phone Unit

Now you can initiative to put an end to crime in your city. This simple

Feb 192014

We got the privilege to produce a film on “Shaurya” Presented by The Commissioner, Women

Feb 032014
Swagatam Laxmi 24th Jan 14

Swagatam Laxmi 24th  Jan 14

Jan 242014
The Women's Journey ! By The Commissioner,

By The Commissioner, Women Empowerment  ,Govt. Of MP The film depicts a woman’s journey in

Jan 022014
Web info......

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Nov 302013
Pay Attention.......

know how to save Energy

Nov 162013
Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment

Oct 172013
We are in CG

Ad on Laptop Distribution Scheme

Jul 212013
CG laptop

laptop Distribution Scheme of Chhatisgarh Government

Jul 212013
Free Drugs Distribution

Free Drugs Distribution

Jul 202013
Employment & Loan Scheme   Video Spot

Employment & Loan Scheme

Jul 202013
Vaccination   video spot

Vaccination is essential for our life.

Jul 202013
Family Planning   Male Sterlization

Small Family, Happy Family

Jul 202013
Family Planninig Video spot

Family Planning is the good decision for your future

Jun 212013
Our First Ad

कहते है विज्ञापन व्यापार का माध्यम है आज बगैर विज्ञापन किसी वस्तु को बेचना असंभव

Jun 162013
Maa Tujhe Pranam

देश की सीमाओं की बात हो तो याद आते है बस कारगिल और पूंछ। जहां

Feb 092013
Spot ad of various Dept

Spot ad produced by us